Onyze launches CaaS

Onyze launches CaaS, crypto products to be offered to third parties

The custody company for digital assets Onyze has opened, according to its official statement, your new service CaaS (Cryptoasset-as-a-Service). Through this service, the Spanish startup will offer third parties the possibility of develop new products for the crypto market from its custody infrastructure.

With this service Onyze goes to the call of many companies and startups that claimed the possibility of having an “agile” way to generate new products for the market of digital assets.

“After several conversations with our clients, we saw clearly the need that the entrepreneurial sector, as well as the institutional sector, has to be able to do things within the world of digital assets” Ángel Luis Quesada, CEO of Onyze.

The new service allows Onyze’s customers to generate new products from an extensive list of functionalities, such as the purchase and transfer of digital assets, all available from the API generated by the startup’s product team.

Onyze’s philosophy has been, since its creation, to generate warranty products and services; allowing companies that want to do things right, get away from the shadow generated by all the scams that took over the sector some time ago. In this line, the Onyze team has been working on different lines, one of which is the implementation of an AML system (Anti-Money Laundering) developed jointly with the KPMG team; from which customers of this CaaS service can benefit.

“For us, the regulatory part of the sector is very important. That is why our team is constantly working on the achievement of milestones, such as those that will soon be announced, which we know are strategic for our customers, both at the product level and at the regulatory level, “says the CEO of Onyze.

The service is already available for all those companies interested in making use of it through the Onyze website, from where you can consult all information with the team of the startup.

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