Ecom develops a fitband

Ecom develops a fitband

It seems clear that this year 2019 is the year of the maturation of the projects. The market is incorporating new proposals and only the most innovative ones will remain in the long term. Ecom brings its newest proposals that are in full development.

Ecom e-wallet as the central core

When we talk about the mobile wallet of Ecom we do not talk about a simple wallet. We are talking about the center of an ecosystem. We are talking about the first stop for a whole family of services focused on the user.

The Ecom wallet is the main tool for managing the EcomToken token (ECK), as well as the main cryptocurrencies. With this wallet you can make online payments, transfers between users and advance a little more in the evolution towards the “cashless” society that is approaching. Always focused on innovation, safety and satisfaction of user needs. They are even developing the payment by NFC.

Main characteristics of the wallet

Apart from the basic functionalities that we can expect from a wallet today we have new and powerful features.

  • Send and receive the ECK token and the main cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, BNB, LTC etc …).
  • Make payments with Internet connection or NFC.
  • Added security layer to prevent hacking and theft of coins stored in the mobile wallet.
  • Receive daily interest for the coins deposited in our wallet. Before the banks paid you for having money in the account, that’s how it always has been, and that’s the way it should be; What Ecom proposes is to return to that point where the user receives his fair compensation for being part of a system in which they all win. Interest will be charged in the form of an ECK token.
  • INTERCONNECTION WITH THE FOLLOWING ITEMS IN DEVELOPMENT: this is the most important part, which we will detail below.

As we said, the wallet is the central node of the ecosystem that Ecom is building. All the features that we have already mentioned are joined by the great future projects that will be interconnected with the wallet.

On the one hand, this wallet will be linked to a bank card, which can be used for payments and as an offline coin store. For its development it is working with several banks already established in the market.

On the other hand we have the great innovative project that we will talk about later: the fitness band connected as its own ledger and connected to the wallet.

EcomGym Ledger

Outside the world of cryptocurrencies there have been two great revolutions, on the one hand drones, and on the other hand the so-called “wearables”, electronic devices to be carried. Well, the proposal of Ecom is to unite the concept of “wearable” and the concept of cryptocurrencies.

We join those “fitband” bracelets that most of us already use with the unstoppable evolution of cryptocurrencies and we obtain the EcomGym Leder. This bracelet is an improved “fitband” that includes a ledger inside. For those who do not know, a ledger is a hardware device that allows safe and impossible to steal all kinds of cryptocurrencies (the best known wallet hardware on the market are Ledger and Trezor).

What can be done with the EcomGym Ledger?

First, we have the most basic application of a ledger, which is cryptocurrency storage. With the advantage that it is a safe device and practically impossible to steal. In addition, the bracelet will be interconnected with the wallet to make movements with the funds of the bracelet. We will really have a payment device integrated in our wrist and we will only have to configure it to pay with a single gesture.

We will also have the basic applications of a “fitband” such as the measurement of heart rate, calories burned, distance walked and steps taken (pedometer), all connected by bluetooth to our mobile. These measurements are essential, because depending on the token we select, these measurements will be the ones that help us to mine the tokens that we will then use for payments and transfers.

But this is not the only thing, the bracelet will be able to work with all the applications of GYM Base and GYM rewards. Basically we are talking about introducing a new concept of mining, while basic digital currencies such as bitcoin work with a test of work (PoW), the bracelet will work with the new concept of the exercise test (PoE). In this way we will be mining various types of coins when we exercise, or interconnect with applications that will give us rewards when we perform certain exercises or challenges that the application proposes.

For example, we can exercise and work hard to accumulate tokens on our bracelet, to finally use them to pay for a concert, and also pay for it with the bracelet itself without the need to print any ticket or anything. Absolutely incredible.

And precisely linked to what we talk about music comes another of the characteristics that will offer us in the sum of wallet + band: the “Ecom Records”.

The Ecom Records are a new way of spreading music and promoting new artists. Through the EcomTokens of our wallet (or our bracelet linked to our wallet) we will be able to access the streaming of music content on our devices. Once again the innovation of the blockchain technology helping to empower the creators, eliminating intermediaries and resellers.

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