Coinbase Visa

Bitcoin Coinbase VISA member

COINBASE is a member of VISA, not only that the Coinbase card can be used as a VISA, but it already has all the functionalities and possibilities of day-to-day use of the Coinbase card.

It means that although the Coinbase Crypto card could already be used, it is a very important step, for the normalization of credit cards with cryptocurrency funds in everyone’s daily life, that is, how we are getting to the normalization of the Crypto world, to the effortless use of cryptocurrencies in a transparent way and without having to force one of the two parties in the sale, in having greater knowledge than knowing how to pass the credit card through a dataphone, or the use of your smartwatch or Smartphone, for direct payments in any world trade.

After the success of Coinbase Card, they become the first company in the crypto ecosystem to obtain the main Visa membership. This membership will allow them to offer more features for Coinbase Card customers; from additional services to support in more markets: all the elements that will help to evolve and enrich the cryptocurrency payment experience, as well as, a very interesting possibility, since Coinbase, being a full member of VISA, can issue VISA cards to third parties , as until now some banks or financial entities were doing, to Coinbase itself,, Crypto Pay or crypterium.

With this movement, Coinbase puts itself above the rest of competitors in the crypto world, in the banking and payment card use issue, now it is time to wait for the following movements of the neo banks or crypto banks after this interesting outcome.

In addition, even if it is direct advertising, really, it is very easy for European citizens to get the card, which costs 5 euros or so, and the only thing you have to activate, after all security, is to choose what currency of your portfolio Coinbase, you want to use in conjunction with the card.

It means that, if you have Daicoin, or Litecoin or bitcoin, you choose one of them, and the card will automatically exchange Crypto to Euro to the seller in a transparent way, and you, for a very small commission, but very small, you can use easily your cryptocurrencies in the fiat world, as I tell you, transparently, quickly and automatically.

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