resistant altcoins

If top coins fail… find resistant altcoins!

Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies generally receive the most attention from merchants. The main altcoins generally follow bitcoin, and their recent decline has hit the altcoins hard.

The big drop in Bitcoin prices that he experienced the previous day led to anxiety in the market. Bitcoin fell from $ 13,100 to $ 11,000, and most of the major altcoins decreased by an average of 15% in 24 hours.

However, there is often a situation in the market when some digital currencies are flourishing without obeying the “laws” of Bitcoin. Let’s take a closer look at these coins.

Japan content token – JCT

The Japan content platform specializes in issuing and selling certificates of securities, and JCT is being used by several brands as bonds.

The Japan Content Token (JCT), which currently ranks 91th by capitalization classification, has recently proved to be the most productive, while other known currencies have been falling in price. During the preparation of this publication, the currency was trading at $ 0.268898, showing an increase of + 37.57% in the last 24 hours with a small trading volume of $ 128,252. Chain – CRO Chain Cryptocurrency (CRO), ranked 21st in market capitalization, is another digital resource that deserves more attention.

During the preparation of this post, the currency of the Chain (CRO) quoted at $ 0.089153 (-10.3%), having experienced an increase of 22.57% lately. The trading volume on the last day was $ 16,868,900.

Bezant – BZNT

Bezant ($ 0.123172; 5.10%) is the 82nd digital currency in the market according to a capitalization classification ($ 90,451,744).

The token, which allows users to buy products on the Jehmi platform, has grown approximately 17% in the last 24 hours, reaching a maximum of $ 0.182566.

Traders and investors should pay attention to some Altcoins, which often show excellent results, instead of relying solely on the largest and best-known digital currencies, which mainly follow Bitcoin trends.

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